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Amish wooden dining room set

Choosing the right dining room set can really bring together the look of your dining room. Not only does it work as a focal point for those who enter, but it also can give people the chance to show off who they are through their style. If you are looking for unique, handcrafted dining pieces that are sure to add character to any room, Penn Dutch Furniture has a large selection of stunning dining sets. Using outstanding materials and expertise, we create beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for families to enjoy for years to come. Customers can browse our store in York County, Pennsylvania, for the perfect Amish dining room set.

Different Dining Room Set Styles

When it comes to deciding on a dining room style, there are many options from which customers can choose. Whether they’re looking for something more casual or formal, Penn Dutch Furniture offers a wide variety of styles, including:


If you enjoy hosting parties, a formal dining room set-up may be the perfect option for you. This style features long and large rectangular or square dining tables – plenty of space for meals and festivities. Dining sets in a formal style typically highlight complex, ornate designs with inlays and curves for a unique look. Formal dining sets also implement darker woods for an elegant tone.


Traditional dining sets are a more family-friendly design with casual and softer elements. Round, smaller tables are a characteristic of this style, promoting conversation and making memories in a more intimate setting. Traditional-style dining sets can use both light and dark hues of wood depending on the mood and tone you want.


The farmhouse style has been a popular choice among homeowners in recent years. This is because it can give off a sense of home and comfort using a lived-in, worn look. The farmhouse style is not as formal as other designs. Instead, it offers a casual and inviting choice with rustic undertones. It uses stained woods and white or neutral colors to create a vintage-style appeal. Bench-style seating is a characteristic of the farmhouse design because it promotes cozy memories and casual family dinners.


If you enjoy the outdoors, choosing a natural design theme for your dining room space can make you feel right at home. This style uses wood grain furniture with a mix of hard and soft elements to give it a unique, textured appearance. Dining sets with a natural style typically feature natural-toned woods reminiscent of the outdoors.


Contemporary styles are different in that they combine traditional elements with modern ones. Dining rooms with a contemporary design also use statement lines. Whether that means mixing curved and straight lines together or using a completely unique shape, this can create a focal point in any dining room space.


Modern designs use minimalist ideas regarding overall color and style. However, many modern dining rooms have one unique feature that provides a focal point for guests when they enter the space. For example, you could have a metal or glass tabletop versus a wooden one to create a more open environment. Some dining rooms also have bright colors to make the area more playful.

Choosing the Right Dining Set for Your Space

To decide on a dining set style that works for you and your dining room, you should consider what sorts of activities you’ll need it for. Will you be eating small meals with just a couple of people? Or do you love to host dinner parties? If you have children, you also may want to think about ensuring there is enough space for family dinners or children doing their homework. To accommodate your needs, maybe you’ll want to choose a dining set with more seats included or one that can extend. There also are options for dining tables with extra storage space available. From there, you can decide on the style of the dining set, along with a color and material.

Before buying a dining set, you also may want to think about which materials are most convenient in terms of cleanliness. For example, coated wood, stone, or metal tabletops typically are easier to clean, while glass can attract regular fingerprints and visible dust. On the other hand, glass tabletops can make a space feel open and less cluttered.

Amish Dining Room Sets at Penn Dutch Furniture

If you are looking for top-quality, handcrafted dining room furniture, Penn Dutch Furniture has many stunning options that are sure to fit your vision. To learn more about our Amish dining room sets, contact us today or visit our showroom in York County, PA.


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