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Penn Dutch Furniture handcrafts unique, high-quality dining room tables that make a statement in any home. With many distinctive styles, materials, and designs to choose from, customers can feel free to customize their dining rooms in a way that suits them and their lifestyles. Learn more about the Amish dining room tables available at our showroom in York County, Pennsylvania.

Our Dining Table Designs and Materials

Whether you’re looking for a small table to outfit a compact space or large table to fill up a bigger area, Penn Dutch Furniture creates many different types of dining tables, including:

  • Extendable tables
  • Leg tables
  • Single-pedestal tables
  • Double-pedestal tables
  • Trestle tables

Customers also can choose from a variety of materials, which can work wonders in terms of updating your space and turning your vision into a reality. Many of our tables feature materials such as:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone

Before deciding on which style and material of dining table you want, you should evaluate the design of your dining room. This is because a dining table can make a huge statement in any space, especially if you’re using it as a focal point for the area.

Dining Table Styles

Dining tables can work to pull your vision together depending on the style you choose. For example, certain shapes and colors can nod to different vibes and aesthetics. Styles of dining tables we sell include:


If you are going for a farmhouse-style dining room, you’ll want to choose a dining table with wooden, neutral colors such as beiges, creams, and grays. Our farmhouse-style dining tables feature vintage-style elements using aged wood and washed, white colors. Those who enjoy the farmhouse design typically pair these dining tables with bench-style or upholstered dining chairs.


Taking after a minimalistic style, our modern dining tables feature natural wood and smooth, clean lines. Round tables are a common choice for those who want a modern-style dining room, making it great for intimacy and conversations. Spruce up your dining space with a pop of color or abstract patterns to add a unique element to your dining area.


Darker woods, natural grain, and woodsy tones are characteristics of the rustic style. That’s why our rustic dining tables mimic natural styles to fit in perfectly with any rustic décor. We build our tables to be larger with a rectangular shape so they can cater to those who want a natural, woodsy look in their dining room.


The traditional style is a perfect choice for those who want their dining room to feel elevated, classy, and elegant. Our traditional dining tables feature detailed, complex carvings with a beautiful dark wood finish for a sophisticated design. Because dining tables for traditional styles typically function as a centerpiece for the space, we ensure your dining table is large, bold, and stunning.


This style makes its own rules in terms of how you want to decorate your space. Contemporary designs typically combine traditional with modern. Many dining room tables with a contemporary look also mix dark with light wood and soft lines with hard lines.

How To Choose the Right Dining Table

Choosing the right dining table is an important aspect of redesigning your dining space. Before purchasing, you should ensure it fits your area, vision, and lifestyle. First, you should evaluate how many people will be sitting at the table. But this doesn’t just stop at everyday occasions. You also should think about the number of people at the table for holidays and gatherings. If you need a smaller dining set for everyday use but a larger one for hosting, an extendable table can be a great option.

Next, you should look at how you plan to use your dining table. For example, if you have a smaller, compact dining space, you may want to choose a table with extra storage features. In addition, if you want to promote conversation, round tables are a great way to create an intimate setting that makes conversation easy. For large, open dining spaces, you may want to find a large, rectangular dining table to break up the area.

Lastly, when choosing a dining table material, you should consider how easy it is to keep clean. You may prefer something easier to clean, such as wood, stone, and metal, over materials that can harbor dust and fingerprints, such as glass. On the other hand, glass tabletops can make your dining area feel more open and spacious. This is especially helpful for people with smaller dining rooms who want to make the space feel larger.

Find Handcrafted Amish Dining Room Tables at Penn Dutch Furniture

Whether you’re looking for a cozy set-up that brings the whole family together or an elegant table that acts as a focal point, Penn Dutch Furniture has you covered. With a large variety of styles, colors, materials, and designs to choose from, customers can begin making new memories. To learn more about our selection of Amish dining room tables, visit the store in York County, PA, or contact us today.


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