Amish Furniture Styles

Amish Furniture Styles in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

Penn Dutch Furniture carpenter handcrafting piece of furnitureThe style of furniture you choose is an important aspect to consider when decorating a space. Various furniture styles have been around for centuries, and each works to convey a specific aesthetic and personality. Serving clients in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, Penn Dutch Furniture offers numerous furniture styles, each exuding a different character. Explore the different styles of furniture found in our vast inventory to determine the best pieces for your home.


Shaker-style furniture is best known for its clean lines, tapered legs, and minimalist designs. A common style during the late 18th to the mid-19th century, shaker-style furniture generally uses pine, cherry, and maple woods, as well as wicker. Originally designed by followers of the religious group, the Shaking Quakers, Shaker furniture has become a staple in interior design. Homeowners admire it for its timeless design, exceptional quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Originating in the late 19th century, mission-style furniture is often categorized as sturdy, heavy, and even bulky. It features distinct straight, vertical, and horizontal lines, along with square or rectangular legs and spindles. The natural characteristics of the wood are emphasized with flat paneling and finishes that accentuate the grain. A unique feature of this furniture style is the subtle use of exposed joints. The exposed joints and highlighted grain patterns are often complimented with metal loop drawer pulls and hinges for even more character.

Throughout history, mission-style furniture has been crafted using red or white oak wood. However, over the last several decades, woods like cherry, maple, walnut, and ash have become more common.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne furniture gets its name from Queen Anne, who served as sovereign over England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1702 to 1714. It was the preferred style in the 18th century due to its elegance and efficiency. This style of furniture is most known for its curvy elements, often bearing an S-shape somewhere in its designs.

The furniture of this style is famous for cabriole legs with pad or drake feet. Walnut wood is the main choice for Queen Anne furniture as it seamlessly matches the elegance of the design.

Quarter Sawn

Because of its construction, quarter-sawn oak wood furniture is traditionally more stable compared to other wood types. It’s less prone to cupping and therefore less likely to endure movement from the expanding and contracting of the wood, making it an ideal furniture style for those who desire quality pieces. It’s best known for its superior strength and stability, as well as its rich color. In addition, quarter-sawn oak wood furniture stands up to wear, decay, and moisture well, allowing it to sustain its beauty for years to come.


Durability and function come to mind when thinking about pine wood-style furniture. It’s a popular type of furniture, given the vast amount of pine wood available. Generally light in color, pine blends well with other wood types, making it easy for homeowners to mix and match within their decor. Pine-style furniture is considered a softwood, meaning it’s lighter in weight, which can be handy for someone who enjoys rearranging the room regularly. Homeowners tend to appreciate the pine wood style’s straight grain with a fine, uniform texture.

A Variety of Furniture Styles for Every Room

At Penn Dutch Furniture, we aim to craft tasteful furnishings that clients will admire and appreciate. Our store and showroom in York County, PA, features a wide selection of furniture styles for every area of your home. Clients can find handcrafted furnishings for the following rooms:

If clients cannot locate what they are looking for in our showroom, Penn Dutch Furniture also offers custom furniture pieces. Working with our team, you can craft the furniture piece of your dreams, combining the style, type, and design you wish to make your home truly unique. All of our furniture and decor pieces are backed by the Penn Dutch Furniture lifetime warranty for worry-free purchasing.

Find Quality-Made Furnishings in Different Styles at Penn Dutch Furniture

When decorating your home, the style of furniture you choose makes a big impact on the overall feel and look of your space. Residents of Central PA and Northern MD can find a variety of furniture styles to choose from at Penn Dutch Furniture. Regardless of the style, all our pieces feature expert Amish craftsmanship, beauty, and durability.

We offer our customers professional shipping and delivery services and will properly put together any parts that require assembly. For more information about the various Amish furniture styles available at Penn Dutch Furniture, contact us today.

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