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Mission Furniture Styles in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

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Mission-style furniture can often be described as sturdy, hefty, and full of character. It is very often a representation of simplistic design integrity of construction, and truth to the materials. At Penn Dutch Furniture, we are proud to serve customers across Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, providing a variety of furnishings to outfit their homes with. Included in our vast selection is an assortment of mission-style furniture pieces. Learn more about this timeless style of furniture and the characteristics that make it so desirable.

History of Mission-Style Furniture

Mission-style furniture first became popular in the United States during the turn of the 20th century. Its origins can be traced back to a man named AJ Forbes in 1894, when he designed a chair for the Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco, CA, during the Arts and Crafts Movement. 

The style was named for the various mission churches located in California and became very popular. So much so, that in 1898, New York furniture manufacturer, Joseph P. McHugh reproduced the chair design and expanded it into an entire line of furniture. By 1901, the mission furniture style was one of the most popular styles of furniture around. The style once again gained prominence in the 1980s and has remained a popular choice amongst homeowners and interior decorators to this day.

Characteristics of Mission-Style Furniture

Mission-style furniture can best be distinguished by simple-looking horizontal and vertical lines, and flat panels that effortlessly accentuate the grain of the wood used. It can be easily identified from other types of furniture because of its various attributes, such as:

Straight-Line Construction

Known for its straight horizontal and vertical lines with flat slats and planes, the mission furniture style gives the appearance of strength and stability. Furniture that features the mission style has minimal ornamentation and is traditionally composed of a simple line, enhancing its function-focused construction. Because of the simplistic beauty it delivers, mission-style furniture is an excellent fit for homes with minimalist and modern designs.

Exposed Joints

Another disinvite feature of mission-style furniture is an exposed mortise-and-tenon joint. Skill and precision are needed to assemble exposed joints, making this style of furniture even more impressive. In addition, the exposed joints are also beneficial because they lend extra strength and stability to a piece of furniture.

Sturdy and Authentic

In many cases, when creating a piece that has the mission furniture style, the focus is on functionality and quality. Because of this, mission-style furniture is often made from the best quality wood.

Some of the most popular types of wood used when building mission-style furniture are hardwoods like mahogany, pine, cedar, walnut, hickory, red oak, and quarter swan white oak. Different grains used help elevate the furniture and provide it with even more character. Regardless of what species of wood is used, mission-style furniture is built to live several lifetimes and passed down from one generation to another.

Complete-Home Mission-Style Furnishings at Penn Dutch Furniture

One of the biggest selling points of the mission furniture style is its versatility. It complements both homes and businesses, and it can be implemented in just about any room. Penn Dutch Furniture produces mission-style furniture that is ideal for every room in your home, including:

  • Living room: Mission-style end tables and coffee tables help enhance the design and function of any living room with convenient shelves and drawers for added storage.
  • Dining room: Provide your family with a sturdy and reliable dinner table made from the mission furniture style.
  • Bedroom: A slated wooden headboard made from the mission furniture style can elevate your bedroom and provide it with a timeless look.
  • Office: Home or commercial offices need to be stylish and practical, making mission-style furniture pieces ideal due to the amount of storage they provide.

Handcrafted Mission-Style Furniture & More in York County, PA

Provide your space with a timeless design and enhanced practicality by adding handcrafted mission-style furniture pieces from Penn Dutch Furniture. Located in York County, PA, we are proud to supply customers in Central PA and Northern MD with top-quality Amish furniture. Customers can browse our vast selection of mission-style furniture in our store and showroom.

In addition to mission-style furniture, we also offer a variety of other styles to choose from. Each one of our furniture pieces has been handcrafted and created to stand the test of time. Should customers not be able to find the piece they are looking for, we are happy to offer custom furniture services. For more information about our selection of mission-style furniture and other styles, contact us today at Penn Dutch Furniture.

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