Shaker Furniture Style

Shaker Furniture Style in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

Vintage books on a wooden tabletop with bookshelves in the backgroundClean lines, simplistic features – shaker furniture is the epitome of traditional, timeless design. At Penn Dutch Furniture, we serve customers across Central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Our handcrafted Amish furniture comes in a range of styles. We pride ourselves on bringing beauty, durability, and craftsmanship to every home. Learn the story behind this furniture style and what makes it so unique.

A Design Rooted In American History

The shaker furniture style is named after the religious Shaker colonies that were established in the United States in the late 18th century. Also known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, this religious movement stemmed from a small branch of English Quakers, and its teachings were based on the heavenly visions and revelations from the prophet Ann Lee. Rooted in communal living principles devoid of indulgences, Shakers believed in simplicity in all its forms, as well as honesty, utility, and work.

Taking their ideals to heart, the Shakers crafted furniture that mirrored their values. They believed that the appearance of an item should reflect its form and function – nothing more. Because excess was seen as a sin of pride, Shaker furniture was free of any embellishments or ornamentation and focused entirely on quality and purpose.

Shaker Furniture Characteristics

This iconic aesthetic is ingrained in the fabric of American design history – and has been an inspiration to other furniture styles. While the Shaker movement ended during the late 19th century, the iconic design has endured throughout the ages. One of the most recognizable pieces is the ladder-back chair, which was later adapted by other furniture makers across the world. Shaker furniture has several key characteristics, including:

  • Materials: Original Shaker furniture was built from wood, like pine, maple, cherry, and other local materials.
  • Appearance: Streamlined and simplistic, this furniture has zero flourishes or decorations.
  • Form factor: Shaker furniture was often lightweight and easy to handle in the home.
  • Subtle detailing: Many pieces were finished with tapered legs and mushroom-shaped knobs.

Often thought of as the original minimalists, Shakers brought basics and beauty together to create a style that has endured across the ages – and in the lifespan of each individual piece. Craftsmen are known for their high attention to detail. For example, wardrobes were built using strong joinery techniques. They also used complex dovetail joints and wooden peg assemblies that raised the bar in terms of quality.

Through efficiency of design, Shaker-furnished spaces were made for ease of use. Chairs could be hung on the wall when it was time to clean the floors and these pieces didn’t take up an unnecessary amount of floor space – providing ample room for everything a homeowner needed.

Incorporating Shaker Furniture into Your Decor

At Penn Dutch Furniture, our store carries pieces in this sophisticated, utilitarian style that are handmade by Amish craftsmen. Whether you’re furnishing your entire home or a specific room, it’s often easy to integrate shaker-style furniture. And thanks to the streamlined design, this furniture doesn’t often clash with other decorating techniques. Many people mix and match it with pieces in the following styles:

  • Modern minimalist
  • Mission
  • Scandinavian
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional

Additionally, incorporating wooden furniture into your home or office is a great way to warm it up. You can find side tables that match your bed frame, arrange slat-back chairs around your dining table, and make a shaker-style coffee table the focal point of your living room. The natural beauty of the wood pairs well with a variety of linens, throw rugs, and drapes, making it easy to enhance your decor with your favorite room accessories.

Whole-Home Furnishings with Penn Dutch Furniture

Complete your living, working, and gathering spaces with Penn Dutch Furniture. Amish furniture is built with the highest attention to detail, providing comfort, longevity, and functionality at the heart of each piece. Our tasteful selection covers every room in your home, including:

Customers can find full furniture sets to fill out specific rooms or individual pieces that add the perfect touch to an updated space. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask our associates about our furniture customization options. Penn Dutch Furniture can create custom pieces that are built to meet your needs.

Find Handcrafted Shaker Furnishings at Penn Dutch Furniture

Bring the understated elegance of shaker furniture to your home. Customers can view the handcrafted Amish shaker furniture available in our store and showroom. Penn Dutch Furniture is located in York County, PA, and our team is standing by to help you find the perfect piece for your home or office in Central PA and Northern MD. For more information about Amish-made shaker furniture, contact us today.

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